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About Us

Foudation:      1986
Product:          UPS, Battery, Solar Inverter & IT Room Monitor
Brand name:  xinbao
Power range: 0.5-4800KVA
Employee:      250-350
R & D:              more than twenty years
Service:          tech-support net all over china
Application:   financial system,telecommunication system,subway system,national
Authentication: ISO 9001, CE,etc.

Xinbao Power founded in 1986, which is located in Changzhou (a city near Shanghai). Xinbao is one of the earliest UPS high-tech corporate enterprises who focus on designing, manufacturing, sales and providing services on UPS. At present, UPS, battery, solar inverter and IT Room are covered all the product lines. Our factory area is 25,000 square meters, and owns cabinet, circuit board, transformer and other component workshops. The power capacity range of Xinbao UPS is 1-720KVA, which has hundreds of models and specifications, and 300,000 units will be provided in one year. These UPS are not only widely used in financial, taxation, postal, telecom, medical and other domestic economy fields, but also spread to European, Middle East and North America etc.

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